Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22nd, 2011 - My Aha Moment

Hello All, I attended and joined earlier this week a new meet-up called "NYC Singles Love Club".
The names makes it sound like the group was a get together to match up compatible singles with each other. The event though was a talk hosted by the author of: "LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley 2010)", by Debi Berndt. What her talk was about and what her book teaches is how to discover what your possible blocks are, and what negative mind chatter you might have going on preventing you from finding and having a healthy love relationship.

I found the talk and what I have read so far in her book to be quite insightful. Oh, by the way I won the raffle for this book.  At the end of Debi's talk, she had a raffle and gave four prizes away.  The first raffle was her new book, which I won! I must say, I had an 'Aha' moment at this time in the talk.  When Debi mentioned that she would be giving 4 prizes away, I decided inside myself that I would win the first item she gave away, and saw inside my mind her picking my name and calling it. I have had other such moments in my life where I visualize a certain outcome I desired, and it had came to be.

One being this apartment I now live in.  It was 5 years ago, and I was in a really bad situation.  I was living with a roommate who happened to have an abusive boyfriend (I hadn't knew about their volatile relationship, till after I had moved in).   By December of that year, things had reached a very dangerous level, and in the middle of the night I had to leave my apt, and travel to my best friends house and sleep on their couch.  My friend said I could stay on their couch till I could find a new place.

Well, Christmas time isn't usually the best time to look for a new apt., but I had, prior to going out one weekend, visualized and make the goal for myself, that by that evening I would find an apartment for no more than $700.00 per month. I went to 5 different real estate offices in the Bay Ridge area, all of which laughed at my request, saying it would be impossible to find even a studio apt. at that price in this neighborhood.  I held steadfast, and advised them each that an apartment will come in for the price range I'm requesting, and asked that they just called me when it did.

I'm certain most if not all of these offices promptly threw out my application once I stepped out of their office. By 5pm that evening, I was ready to call it a day, when I saw the final & 5th real estate office across the street and decided to make one last stop.  As expected this agent also tried to convince me that what I was asking for was completely unrealistic, when her phone rang.  She picked it up and took down a new listing. She hung up and smiled at me and said, " You are not going to believe this,  but that was a new listing for a studio apt. for $563. per month. Interested in going to check it out?"  Of course I said I was, and off we went. The build was very clean and the apt. was in great condition. I took it and moved in on December 23rd five years ago.

You are probably wondering why I'm mentioning all this, and what exactly was my 'Aha moment' on the evening when I won Debi's book; well it occurred to me if I could visualize a new apt. or wining a raffle, why have I not been able to visualize a healthy life long love partnership?  Earlier this year I wrote in my first posting in this blog, "My Dream Life".  I wrote exactly the life I wish to create and have.  My 'Aha moment' upon winning Debi's book, was that in "My Dream Life" essay I had outline a pretty nifty life for myself, but it was like reading a fiction story.  No where in the essay was I actually living in this life. In other words, I had not visualized me inside this perfect life, and what it would be, and feel like to be inside of it.
I realized further that this is one of the reasons I have not been able to create a life long love partnership yet. I also realize that I have quite a few blocks to work through as well.  So, I will continue along my journey to My Dream Life.


  1. Gret story, I'm inspired to visualize what I want in life as a starting point to make things happen for me...if one does not believe oneself that things will happen, then really how can we ask the world to believe it!!

    Fingers crossed on your journey..and don't forget to smell the roses on the way ...

  2. Thank you Diana, that really means a lot. My hope in writing my stories and my journey was to hopefully inspire other people on their journey.