Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011

It’s been another eventful two weeks. I've been busy with several new projects. One of which is a new book I’m writing called: "101 Mistakes and What I Learned". The idea came to me by an exercise posted in a book called: Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth - by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. In one exercise the authors asked that you jot down 101 of your mistakes or difficult times in your life, and what were lessons you learned from these experiences.

They went on to explain that most of us grow the most, during the difficult times in our life, or when problems or mistakes arise. The 'Ah' idea than came to me, that they are indeed correct, I have had the most growth in my life during these times great difficulty, strife, or when mistakes are made, or problem arise. It was at those times that I had to stretch myself, beyond the ordinary; and get creative.

This is the third book of by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen I've read (The other two being "The One Minute Millionaire" and "Cash in a Flash"). Some people misinterpret these titles thinking these books are just scams on how people can make a quick buck, without any effort. In fact while reading "The One Minute Millionaire." a person sitting next to me in the train, smugly asked me, "How exactly do you accomplish that, without robbing a bank or winning the lotto”, he said "? He was referring to making a million dollars in a minute. I tried within the limited time we had together to explain, that the books were not making claim that you could simply make a million dollars in a minute, but were focusing mostly I advised on our mind set, and how that affects the level of a person’s success, not only with money but in all areas of life. This particular person seemed to want to stay in ‘Victim Mentality’ mode, as I call it, because he simply laughed and said what I was saying was complete nonsense.

I took no offence to this persons comment, because I know most people, including myself till quite recently felt the same way. I had felt victim to my circumstances, and really did not see a way out. What I’ve gained most from their books is that each of us is born with our own unique God given talents and gifts. What Mark and Robert’s books try to get people to see, is you can tap into, and identify what your own unique gifts and passion are and make for yourself a very wealthy life (& not just monetary either, but in all facets of your life). The best way they state to get started is to figure out what your gifts, talents and passions are, is to look for your “Low Hanging Fruit” as they call it. That is, what are you already doing that you are good at and love?

For some people it may be making jewelry, knitting, writing, childcare, fixing cars, etcetera. When I first read this, I was purely stumped, I for the life of me, could not think of anything. I wrote a number of things that I loved to do, but most of them cost money or required much more training. I certainly could not see a way in which I could transform my life, and do something I really loved, and create a life of wealth in all areas of my life. So now what?

I put the question away for a couple of days and sat on it. Then one day, the idea popped into my mind. I remembered recently two of my close friends mentioning, that they loved hearing my stores. I remembered being a little perplexed when they said this, because I usually just talk about stuff happening in my life; ordinary things. I queried further and asked what they meant, and they both said that I was a great story teller; I made the ordinary stories come alive.

Hence, I realized my lowest hanging fruit was my stores, and the format I’ve decided to start with is my life’s lessons. Not only have I learned much from these lessons, perhaps someone could also learn from my mistakes (and possibly avoid some of the hardships I’ve caused myself). I’m posting each of my lessons from my new book in my new blog:, you are all welcome to check them out. Any and all suggestions are welcome. :-)

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