Sunday, June 19, 2011

It Has Been Super Busy, but a Great Couple Weeks!

Hi All,

I've been a busy bee the past couple weeks. On Memorial Day I met up with a dear old friend, and we went to the Jones Beach Air Show, my favorite event of the year. Free air show flying for 5 hours, yeay!
My friend and I spent the weekend catching up, and just relaxing.  The following weekend of June 4th, a couple folks I chat with on Twitter decided to meet-up at Rockefeller Plaza for lunch.
Bryan of actually treated both Julie and I to a wonderful meal at The Rock Center Cafe. The outside tables are actually located on what is the Rockefeller skating ring during the winter months. After our wonderful meal we headed off to LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to do some plane spotting.  We met up there with another twitter colleague William, and spent the rest of a splendid afternoon together before we headed back home., Piper Mama, & Julie Vessigault
The following week while on another one of our mega walks with one of my close friends, she had an idea how we might share our love of walking this great city with the world; we could start a website and share and record all of our adventures. My friend and I have been going what I call "mega walks" for years.  We used to work together at the same company and after work, we would pick a location to walk to, and then end the evening with dinner somewhere.

These walks have become our pastime, and we have really gotten to know and see parts of the city that most people almost certainly over look.  My friends second idea was that we not only record our walks (in hopes to inspire everyone to get out there and explore this great city), but since we have been to at least 100 restaurants in and around this beautiful city, way not share all the wonderful places there are to dine at.  So at the moment we are compiling a listing of all the places we loved dining at the most (and of course double checking to make sure all these spots are still in existence).  So in the near future we will have this listing available for a small fee for all to enjoy.  Come on over and check out our new site at: Kiki N Piper and let us know what you think.  For now, signing off to get myself a bite, till next time! :-)

Piper Mama on the Left and Kiki on the Right


  1. Jones Beach Airshow was a wing-rockin' event with the famed Rob Reider as MC!

    "Fifi", the world's only flying B29, was front-and-center in all of its historic-aviation glory. A B17 Flying Fortress, P51 Mustang, P40 Warhawk, A10 Thunderbolt II, Pitts S2, Extra 300, SNJs, F/A18 Super Hornet, F4U Corsair, and F15 Eagle were there doin' what they do best!

    Hey Piper Mama, we had fun! We've got to do this again next year!

  2. I hope so, Had a great time as always!