Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011

Another glorious couple weeks. The weekend of June 25th my friend Bry and I went to New Roc City in New Rochelle, NY to see the movie "Green Lantern" in 3D; the movie ROCKED. It illustrated so perfectly how good always triumphs over evil, Yes!! After the movie we went bowling (it was only my 2nd time bowling since I was 10 years old), and I had forgotten how much fun the game could be. We had a blast.

New Roc City
New Roc Bowling at Funfuzion

After a great game of bowling, (where I totally got my butt whipped). We went to dinner at at Uno Chicago Grill. The following weekend, along with doing a bunch of marathon walks with my friend Kiki ( you can check out all our adventures on our website Kiki n Piper), Bry and I spent July 4th at the World Trade Center, taking pictures of the new Freedom towers and later watched the fireworks over the Hudson River. Awesome can't beat this awesome city.

 Freedom Tower
USAF Shotgun shirts.
Hudson River, NJ


  1. Great photos that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you posting them.

  2. Thank you, Glad you enjoyed them :-)