Monday, October 24, 2011

C³ (Cubed) Cash, Collections & Consultants

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It's been an intense couple of months since my last entry. In July seeing that my present employment could be threatened again (since last year more than half the company had to be let go due to financial hardship). Since I had been working on finishing my book (101 Mistakes and What I Learned) I thought perhaps I could look for a part-time position while I focus on writing.

However by August, things had really taken a downward slide and I really did not see that I'd have my job by of this year. Due to the downturn in the economy these past couple of years is why I had to leave my last position (they were planning to let me go December of last year). I was more than a little upset; I seriously did not want to start looking for a new job once more.

Then in the last week of August, while talking to my ex-boss about my employment woos, he suggested that I work as an independent collection consultant.   He reminded me that I did have more than nineteen years experience, do a phenomenal job at it, and the company where we last worked together had often used me and my expertise to train all new hires. With the support of my friends and my ex-boss, I started my own consulting business the second week of September, just a couple short weeks from conception to reality I was up and running.

My new business is called C³ (Cubed) Cash, Collections and Consultants. We offer a number of difference services and products for corporations and business. Our main objective is to help business run and operate their collections/ accounts receivables department in a more efficient, ethical, and customer services oriented matter.

In my many years working in collections and accounts receivables some of the major issues and challenges I’ve witnessed in companies over the years are:
  • Improper training of the staff. Collectors in particular have strict guidelines that they must adhere to (as outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) when dealing with customers.
  • Outdate policies and or procedures. As companies grow and change so must their policies and procedures. Outdated processes can slow down your business and cause your departments to function at less that optimum capacity.
  •  Poor Customer services. Yes, your job in accounts receivables is to get clients to pay their past dues balances as quickly as possible and stay current. However there is a right way to do this and wrong way. Bottom line, you need to get payment using exceptional customer skills to do so. You accomplish nothing with poor customer service other than ensure the client does not reorder or do business with you in the future.
  •  Under staffed and under motivated management and staff (with the recent recession this has really been a problem with many companies). 
C³ (Cubed) Cash, Collections and Consultants seeks to resolve these issues for companies and help them find more viable solutions, that will help them decrease their overall receivables, while also increasing their cash flow each and every month.  Anyone who may need our services can contact me at:

To check out our product and services you may visit us at:

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