Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

What a beautiful day!  Spring is truly here.  I had a bit of a scare last week.  Earlier last week, I started to have some chest pains, which at first I thought may be a pulled muscle or something. By 2am that night the pain had become quite intense. The pain wasn't really in my heart area (just above where my heart is). When I called my close friends Janel & Jenny the next day asking if I should get this checked out or not, they gave me quite tongue lashing. They said I should have gone straight to the hospital that evening when the pain became intense and not to work the following day.

As I have a real fear of all things related to doctors and hospitals, and besides I did feel a little better by the morning. As well, payroll was due that next day (& I do the payroll for my company).  My thinking at the time was if I take off and go to the doctor or hospital, and there isn't anything really wrong, my boss is going to kill me. I did get it checked out later that next day (after I completed payroll and the full day’s work). When I informed the doctors though, that I had had chest pain, they went into emergency mode.
For me, I was just like, Chill, I just want to run an EKG, make sure was all okay, and go home. I have to say though, God bless them, because they took it all very seriously, and ran a whole battery of test (taking several hours).  When all was done and said they informed me that they found some anomaly in my lungs, but they didn't believe it was life threatening or anything(as I do not smoke), but they said my primary care doctor and I can just keep an eye on it, and perhaps run further tests. They also found a cyst on my liver, which they said was quite normal for people my age.  Well, I’ve had enough excitement to last me a while. :-)

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been getting back to a healthier life style.  I started again buying mostly organic and gluten free products.  You are probably wondering why I’m buying gluten free products as I’m not really allergic to it or anything.  Well, I’ve noticed that a good portion of my friends have problems with gluten.  I have two close friends with colitis and one with celiac, and another with stomach issues. What I noticed for each of them is glutton and bread stuff in particular either makes them very sick or at the very least gives them very uncomfortable symptoms (gas, bloating and such).  My theory, is our culture over does it with starches and breads, and such and our bodies eventually become intolerant or cannot handle it in the quantities we’ve ingested prior.

Nevertheless, I thought it a good idea to eat less of it.  Also, I’ve gotten together with one of my favorite walking buddy’s, for what we call our “Mega Walks”.  We walked 13.5 miles last week, and 10.5 miles this week.  This last walk we actually walked from Bay Ridge Brooklyn to 42nd Street NYC (9.5 miles). Yoohoo!!!

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