Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3rd, Seventh day of the Challenge

Wow, I can't believe I made it! Today was a truly awesome day. I've needed a hair cut for quite some time, and my friend invited me over today to cut it for me. Shortly after I arrived they had some yummy burgers for me. Then we all spent the day together; great companionship, great food, and an awesome cut, Yeay!!!

With this money challenge this week, I've noticed one amazing aspect, I've been much happier, calmer and less stressed. I've noticed this week, as I focused on not spending money, that I've often in the past spent money not consciously. Meaning I'll just buy whatever, whenever, without ever really thinking, can I afford this? Then several days into getting my pay check, I start to notice I'm running low on money, and then, and only then, do I think; "Where did it all go to?". Well, this week I know exactly where my money was(in my bank account, and $20. in my wallet).

I've realized that I'm definitely an emotional spender, and when I'm depressed, my spending really skyrockets. Now that I have realized all this about me, I want to take this challenge further. I'm going to continue to gauge and blog about my spending, and all the coffee money I would have usually spent (usually lately at least two fancy cups of coffee a day) I'm going to put that money I would usually spend in a jar and save it. At the end of the month I will blog how much I have saved (from coffee money, treats, dinners out ect...). Well, I'd like to thank Josh Manley & Chanelle Henry  for their suggestion to take this challenge; this is just beginning for me. Thanks Idea PiƱana!

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