Thursday, December 22, 2011

2nd Flight -Lesson: Listen to your intuition, your gut knows.

On our second flight (to Delaware, Martinsburg West Virginia, and Hagerstown Maryland), I had not mentioned this previously on my blog, however we did have some interesting details transpire. On our second leg, at the restaurant in Martinsburg West Virginia airport, the ambiance and space were warm, however some of the people were not. 

After dinner we walked back to the airplane to head back home.  Just moments after we had left the restaurant, and the door of the building closed behind us, I realized I had to go to the restroom. Ah, I felt a little something prior, but decided to ignore it (big mistake).

I had an idea though, I took out the big flash light we use when flying at night. I pointed it at the restaurant window.  When the owner came over to the window, I waved wildly to get his attention. I was hoping he’d open the door to see what we needed.  Quite the opposite, the owner, upon seeing me, promptly turned around, turned the lights off and walked to the back of the restaurant. What a jerk!  I hope he never has a similar experience and comes across someone treating him as badly as he treated us.  

Since there were no fuel trucks around at this airport and I had to go to the bathroom, we planned to fly over to Hagerstown Maryland before flying back home. On our way to Hagerstown I started feeling really tired and a little nauseated.  My partner mentioned that he had a headache. It was then that Bryan put two and two together. He said he thought the heater was spewing out carbon monoxide. He quickly turned off the heater and opened the window. Not more than 5 minutes later our symptoms started clearing up. 

We both learned a big lesson on this trip, never ignore your intuition. Had I listened to my gut I wouldn’t have had the uncomfortable restroom issue, and had we both ignored the carbon monoxide symptoms; you may have read about us in the morning paper.


  1. I see all ended well because there was no report of any aviation-related incidents in today's "morning paper". :)

  2. Hahaha, Yep Windtee all ended well.