Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flying Piper Warrior N152DC / Dec. 9-10th 2011

This past weekend my best friend Windtee aka Bryan invited for another cross-country. We decided it might be nice to visit Kitty Hawk NC ( KECG - Elizabeth City Coast Guard Air Station) We started our trip out at about 3pm on Friday Dec. 9th. We saw from reviewing the weather before we started out there were some cloud (scattered to broken) on our 3.2 hour path to Kitty Hawk. However the ceiling was 7K and up, not long into our trip we noticed the cloud coverage was getting thicker. Over NJ we started to noticing the cloud coverage extended all the way to the horizon.

We therefore decided to head back the opposite direction toward Nantucket Memorial Airport (KACK). We landed at this beautiful New England picturesque airport and had a wonderful meal. The airport had a superb restaurant, “Crosswinds Restaurant & Bar”, the food was super delicious and inexpensive. The staff and the ambiance were warm, inviting and festive (with all the Christmas decorations). After our fabulous meal we checked out the weather on our route back; it looked like some weather was moving in, though it looked a ways off. We thought we better get a move on though, and not wait. 
We were almost at our destination (about a half an hour away) when we started to notice the weather was starting to deteriorate fast. So Bry made the smart move of quickly landing at the East Hampton airport KHTO. 

By the time we parked by the main terminal, and we realized that the entire complex was completely deserted and closed for the night. Bryan contacted flight service and an awesome man named Bill on the other end helped us out by contacting the airport's manager at home. He got us his number and the number of a nearby cab company (East End Taxi) that could come pick us up and take us to the nearest inn.

I called the cab company and spoke to a helpful attendant, Linda. She gave me a couple numbers of hotels/inns in the area. I called the first place and got a voice-mail, and moved promptly on to the next location; The Maidstone Hotel. They answered and advised that they had several rooms available, and we could come and pick one out. We were happy to arrive at The Maidstone, which had a smell of wood burning in the chimney as we walked in. The d├ęcor was warm, cozy, inviting and modern. Our host without delay found a wonderful room for us; the Roald AmundsenRoom.

The next morning fully refreshed we headed down to the dining area for a fantastic breakfast. We then relaxed a bit and enjoying the grounds, we had checked the weather earlier and all the funky weather was set to clear in the afternoon.  We took off again at around 3pm. We called the flight school earlier that morning and booked the plane for the rest of that day.  Bryan figured since our time was limited,he would do some air work maneuvers and a bunch of touch-and-go (“It involves landing on a runway and taking off again without coming to a full stop”).

Bryan let me fly 45 degree angled banks, which felt a little weird (I'd done them years back when I was taking flight training, however it's been many years since I've been able to train). Bryan then decided to practice some slow flight, and then some 60 degree banks himself. The 60 degree banks totally throw me for a loop as I totally was not use to the sensation. During the maneuvers you feel 2 G's; it feels like a 'trap' door opened, and I felt a bit dizzy and lightheaded. I do not recall if I did this maneuver back in my training as I only had 13 flight hours, before I had to stop (due to finances). Bry had to stop after two 60 degree banks though, as the maneuver was freaking me out. I know I'll get better as time goes on; I just need to keep flying. There are so many unique experiences and sensations in flight, which you just do not get to experience in ordinary life; It's awesome. You are never more here and now, as when you are flying.
During one of Bryan's last touch-and-goes, we got a surprise; a bird came within feet of the prop. Being I'm rather short, I'm always having to sit up really tall to look over the glare shield, and see what is going on outside. Lucky I had been looking down at the moment the almost incident happened. Bryan said the two birds had been flying together, and while one quickly jinxed out of the way in a quick hurry, his buddy had floundered going one way then the other. Thanks heaven Bryan was paying very close attention, and banked and lowered the nose the opposite direction of the confused bird. Bry said he could actually see the fear in the birds’ eye; I'm sure the feeling was mutual for Bry (as it would have been for me, had I seen it happen).

Thanks to Bryan's expert piloting skills, it was another awesome flight, YEAH!! 
Next week are planning to go out again for another flight on Saturday; loving it!

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  1. These are great photos! I enjoyed reading the story!

    Yes, it was a very exciting flight with lots of amazing memories!

    Until the next flight, stay tuned.

  2. Thanks Windtee, Always a blast flying and hanging with you!! :-)