Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3rd Flight - Lesson: Pay Attention, and Stay Present

Our third flight turned out to be a two day excursion. On a Friday after work, we headed over to Nantucket and had dinner at the wonderful airport restaurant “Crosswinds Restaurant & Bar”. 

 On our way back the weather took a down turn and we decided to land and take shelter for the evening. The next afternoon when the weather cleared up, we headed back to New York. On the way back my friend Bryan decided to stop by (MacArthur Airport) in Islip Long Island to do some touch-and-goes (“It involves landing on a runway and taking off again without coming to a full stop”).

On one of the last touch-and-goes two birds came within very close proximity of our propeller. Bryan maneuvered out of the birds way just in the nick of time. Thank God Bryan was paying very close attention, or it would have been a bad day for the both of us (the birds and us). So the biggest lesson in this flight is pay attention and stay present (in life and in flying); your life could depend on it. :-) Happy Flying


  1. Great post! You're so right! This is a perfect reminder for all... whether you're a pilot or not.

  2. Thank you Windtee.It's amazing how many life lesson I learn from flying. Every flight reveals yet another wonderful lesson.