Monday, December 5, 2011

Back to Flying

After several years of not being able to fly consistently, I've been blessed to have my friend invite me out with him for a couple cross-country flights. We've had a blast.

Our first cross-country flight together was last Sunday, and we started at Republic airport in LI. We had lunch on Block Island (RI), and then the last stop was Hartford-Brainard Airport, before we headed back to Long Island. We flew a beautiful Cessna 172, and Bry allowed me to fly a good portion of the level flight. After getting use to the plane a bit I was surprised after so many years of not flying that was able to keep good heading, altitude, attitude and coordinated turns. The day turned out to be fantastic; loads of fun.
Our next flight was this past weekend in a magnificent Piper Warrior III; we decided our first stop would be KILG -New Castle Airport Wilmington, Delaware.  After landing we had to wait a bit for the fuel.
We headed off to VA, when we got closer to that airport we heard on the frequency that it was closed, so we just kept flying to our next destination Martinsburg, West Virginia, MRB -Eastern Wv Regional/Shepherd Field Airport. We parked our bird, and headed in for some chow. Turns out the EAA chapter 1071 group was having their Christmas dinner.