Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011

This was an awesome week. Work was way less stressful. Work is due to be a bit more stressful this coming week (if I let it, that is :-)), due to a bunch of big projects coming to a close. The most interesting part of my week this week, was a new Meet-up group I joined called Idea-Pinata. 

As stated in my past post, I’ve been working on ways to bring my dream life into reality, with the 1st objective being paying my debt (to zero; forever!), finishing my private pilot license, getting married and lastly but not least important getting my own flight school off the ground and succeeding. What seemed like an accident, stumbling upon the Idea Piñata group on Meet-up a couple weeks back, was I believe just perfect timing.  I totally think the right opportunities present themselves when you are ready and open to them.

The basic premise of the group from what I gathered was to bring likeminded people together that either had businesses, or wanted to start a business, and have them all come together to generate ideas to help support each other  in reaching their goals. Also, the group can hold that person or individuals accountable for following through with their goals.  At the same time the group’s mission is to inspire socially responsible businesses that just do not make money, but make the world a better place.
Check out their group on face book, or meet up at:, or

Well, the first meet-up with Idea Piñata went great. I was a little apprehensive, not knowing exactly what to expect, but was very glad I went.  To start the meet-up the organizers had everyone fill out a short form, basically asking what you hoped to get out of the meet-up, with the last question, asking what are presently your biggest challenges or fears you are dealing with on a daily bases.  For the last question, I put my great challenges at the moment as being, patience, not letting the negative energy at work get inside of me, and lastly spending and saving money better.

At the end of the meet-up we were given an assignment. Take the 3rd item on your list of biggest fears or/ challenges and find a way to address them in a way makes you go outside your confront zone.  Wow, was I stuck, how would I address spending/saving money in a way that would really challenge me? I looked at the other two fears I wrote down, and they seemed just as tough for me to initiate an action from.

Well I went home that night and really thought about it. As readers might remember from my past posts, I’ve had  struggles with money issues for quite some time.  In 2009 the problem became too big to ignore, and I was forced to deal with it and look and the cold honest truth.  At the time I had racked up some 26K in debt, and found that over the years my way to dealing with stress or depression was to over spend.  In March 2009 I cut up all my credit cards, and worked out a budget to pay all my debt in the next three years.  I had been doing great on my plan and paid my debt down to 13K, and stuck with it till the end of 2010, when a bunch of stressers entered my life.  The 1st being my job,(announced the end of 2010 that it would be downsizing, and I would soon have to be let go), the 2nd was some family issues, and the 3rd was boyfriend issues.  

 With all these recent stressers, I truly fell off the wagon, so to say, and started over spending again.  After the meet-up last week I finally came up way to really address one of my greatest challenges in a big way that would definitely be outside my confront zone.  My challenge and goal is for this next week, would be not to spend a penny.  Well, when this  idea first came to me I was super  anxious, the idea of not spending any money for the next week seemed near impossible. Once more it occurred to me that I cannot remember a day when I did not spend at least a dollar, wow!
I talked about this assignment with a bunch of friends of mine, and they all agreed that for me, 7 days of not spending a penny would definitely be outside of my confront zone.  This assignment should really test my resolve, and perhaps get me to spend better going forward. Also,  look at why when I’m stressed or depressed do I over spend in the first place.  Even better,  it might even help me find a better ways to deal with stress and depression.

So I’ve decided for the next week, starting March 28 through April 4th, I will not spend any money.  I will carry $20.00, but  will not use it unless there is an emergency.  By emergency I don’t mean I’m depressed and I need a latte, emergency; I mean if  I end up in a hospital or something.  I will also blog each night this week to let you know of my daily struggles with this assignment/challenge, and let you know if any new insights that have come about.  I know the start of my business success will be taming this addiction, and learning why I have it to begin with.

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