Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th - Second Day of Challenge

Today turned out to be quite easy, as far as not spending money goes. I went to bed last night and awoke this morning with an annoying stomachache, so I really wasn't feeling like my usual staples (coffee, bread, chocolate). By lunch though I was feeling much better and could eat the sandwich I brought.  Today, I really started to feel that perhaps I could do this every day; meaning I could not spend any money on lunch, treats, and outside coffees during the week.  I could just treat myself on the weekends.  Well, it feels easy right now, but that probably because I've just began; I got to do this for the long haul. I've heard it said when you do something consistently for three months it becomes a habit. I certainly had this experience many years back when I started an exercise program.  It was really hard the 1st couple of weeks, but then as I stuck with it, I actually started enjoy it and couldn't image not having it in my life.  This is what I'd like with money, to spend it more smartly, and to make it a habit. So I shall!

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