Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th - First Day of the Challenge (Not to spend any money for one week)

Getting started today wasn’t quite as difficult as I imaged it would be.  I did realize rather quickly that if I’m going to make coffee and buttered bread to take with me in the morning, that I’d better get up earlier than 10 minutes earlier. Not giving myself enough time this morning did leave me a bit rushed, however I did make it on time to work.

My home brewed coffee wasn’t bad either.  I did have a brief moment on the way to work, where I realized I was walking (as if on automatic) toward the café where I usually get my cappuccino. I did a quick about face, and walked the correct path to work.  My second challenge came at lunch. I work at a rather small company, so we really do not have a separate eating spot. You either eat at your desk or go outside.  So, there was a moment, where I was about to get up (again as if on auto pilot), and just go out to lunch. The rest of the day was uneventful, and I left for home at 6pm.  Again, right when I got off the train, I had a moment; where I was about to stop off at our neighborhood bakery for a cookie, and again I stopped myself.

I think the most interesting aspect about of this first day, was how much of my spending is on automatic. Meaning I’m often not even thinking about a lot of the purchases I make, but simply reacting to habit (of what I usually do), or an impulse of instant gratification.  Interesting!
Also, I realized last night as I prepared what I was going to bring for lunch today, that I actually had way more food in my pantry than what I thought I had. It also occurred to me as well, that if I spend more consciously, it will probably not only lead to me saving money but eating better.

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