Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31st, Fourth day of the Challenge

I awoke this morning to an awful stomachache, that was unfortunately followed by many trips to the restroom.  This left me rather stressed as my bossed advised us several weeks back that this week was going to be one of our busiest days this year, and she needed full attendance.  Well, I had no choose but to make myself ready as quickly as I could.  Because I was feeling so ucky though, I definitely did not want any food till about 12:30pm. I arrived at work at around 11am.  This evening was the first real food I had all day, and I'm feeling way better, Thank God!  The only good part about today, was spending was absolutely not a challenge or temptation today (perhaps curling up under the blankets and sleeping was:-)). Well, to another day.

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